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Commercial conditions

1.Terms and business conditions


These business conditions apply to purchase the goods at the e-shop  They closely define the laws and duties of the vendor (operator, supplier: Turbo Power Limited s.r.o. ID 05680468, VAT CZ05680468 with registered office in Kozolupy 286, 33032 Czech Republic) and buyer (consumer, purchaser). The mutual relationships are governed by provision of Act no.89/2012 Coll. of the Civil statute-book valid from 1.1. 2018.

3.Order and conclusion of the purchase contract

By sending the order, the buyer confirms that he acquainted with these business conditions and complaints procedure which is included in them. The buyer´s order is the proposal of the purchase contract and the particular purchase contract is signed with the acceptance of the order by the vendor.

Only the correct completed order with the all prescribed requirements is considered valid. Also, by sending the order, the buyer agrees with the goods price, type of delivery and payment conditions.

The place of delivery is the address of the buyer which is mentioned in the order.

The property right is transferred from vendor to buyer by taking and paying the purchase price. The vendor does not guarantee buyer´s the mistakes in the order. Also, the vendor reserves the right of the change the price of unilateral termination of the purchase contract / cancellation of the order/.

4.Delivery of the goods

The ordered goods will be delivered in the shortest possible date. At the items which are marked IN STOCK is delivery time in the EU by 1-2 days according to order time and chosen transporter. At the items which are marked CONTACT US the delivery time will be specified by email from the supplier. The orders which were sent at the weekend or on holidays will be done in following work day.

5.Type of payment

  1. Bank transfer – agreed payment conditions / contractual partners/

  2. Payment by specific card / contractual partners/

6.Warranty conditions

Every package includes the invoice which serves as warranty certificate.

The length of the warranty period for all purchased goods is governed by the Civil statute-book it means 24 months. The warranty period begins to run after the buyer´s taking the goods and is lengthened by the time in which the product was in the warranty repair.

7.Resignation from the purchase contract

The buyer – in this case ONLY natural person /without a business license and an ID/ has got the right to resign from the purchase contract by 14 days from acceptance of the goods according to 7th par.53 law no. 40/1954 Coll. The buyer is obliged to return the unused and undamaged goods back to the supplier. The goods have to be properly packed at buyer´s own expense. For accelerate, we recommend to attach the purchase document. THE RETURNED GOODS WHICH WAS SENT BY CASH ON DELIVERY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

After the receiving the returned goods the supplier gives back the corresponding money by the 30 days to the customer by the bank transfer. The charges for delivery, packing and payment will not be returned. Next, the vendor reserves the right to subtract 10% from the goods price as the manipulative fee for goods returns operation.

If the goods is not in concert with the purchase contract upon takeover (next only “contradiction with the purchase contract) by the buyer, the buyer has got the right the supplier does the thing free of charge and without any postponement into the state according to purchase contract and according to customer´s requirements it means by exchange the goods or its repair. If this approach is not possible, the buyer can claim the discount from the goods price or resign from the purchase contract. It does not apply if the buyer knows about the contradiction with the purchase contract before taking over or the contradiction from the purchase contract itself caused.

8.Replacement component

Old, exchanged component has to be returned by 28 days from the date of purchase. After overrun of this period the cash advance will not be returned! You can only return the component of the same brand – the manufacturer, which was delivered as a replacement! The component has to be COMPLETE, cleaned and packed in the same boy in which you got the new component. If you do not accept these conditions, the cash advance cannot be returned! If all requirements are observed, the cash advance will be returned to you by 14 days to your bank account.


The guaranteed warranty period is 24 months.

If it is evident that the goods is damaged by the delivery/broken package and so on./ the buyer has the duty to write the protocol with the shipper and refuse to take over the goods. He should inform the supplier about this situation. If the buyer found out some discrepancies in the package it means other goods sent than was ordered or difference between the quantity in the invoice and real sent amount, you should immediately inform the supplier.

If you complain the goods, we recommend to send withal invoice and justification why you return the goods / wrong ordered, damaged, wrong delivered, amount complaint,…/.

If you do not accept these requirements, money cannot be returned.

If the defect occurs during the warranty period, we recommend to correct complete the complaint protocol (mail will be sent to the buyer´s request) and attach the copy of invoice to accelerate the settlement of the complaint.

Also, you have to submit the goods whose defects are claimed.

The vendor is not responsible for damages caused by unprofessional installation or use as well for damages caused by wrong manipulation. The defects of this origin are not included in the warranty certificate.

The justified and recognized complaint will have been settled by 30 days from the date of applied complaint.

All complaints please apply by e-mail to address: 

10.Protection of personal data

The conditions of protection of personal data

11. Final Provisions

We are highlighting that the purchased products in the e-shop are designed for installation by a specialist service. In case next sale, We request us to inform about it your customers.

With buying the product, the customer agrees with the business conditions and undertakes to accept them. The supplier applies the right to change the business conditions without previous warning.

These terms are governed by the laws/legal order in Czech Republic.

All goods are our product
  • Turbo Spare Parts
  • Turbine wheels
  • Compressors wheels
  • Repair kits
  • Bearing housings
  • Actuators
  • Nozzle rings
  • CHRA - Assembly core
  • Turbochargers
  • Tuning & Racing parts
  • and more




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