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Welcome in our sites with Turbo Spare Parts.

All parts are made in OEM high quality. 

All parts are for professional use.     2 years guaranty. 

For permanent customers, workshops and warehouses very attractive prices after registration.

We sending Worldwide.

Forged conrods VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat 1.9TDI, 2.0TDI + ARP L19
for big crankshaft 96kW, 100kW, 103kW, 110kW, 125kW
Code: ROD00102
Availability: on stock
Price without VAT:484,80 EUR
Price with VAT586,61 EUR
Discount20 %
origin price733,26 EUR
Turbo VSR High Speed Balancing Machine
for Dynamic CHRA Balancing
Code: M00104
Availability: on order - contact us
Price without VAT:15 000,00 EUR
Price with VAT18 150,00 EUR
NEW upgrade Turbocharger GTB2260
776470 hybrid
Code: T00101
Availability: according to variant
!_cena bez dph od_!:649,00 EUR
!_cena s dph od_!785,29 EUR
CHRA, Core-Cartridge assembly and balancing
VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat 2.0TDI CR, 81kW, 105kW
Code: CHRA00245
Availability: on stock
Price without VAT:129,20 EUR
Price with VAT156,33 EUR
Discount15 %
origin price183,92 EUR
NEW Turbocharger IS38 stage5 BB 550HP
IS38 stage5 with Ball Bearing
Code: T00128
Availability: according to variant
!_cena bez dph od_!:1 432,00 EUR
!_cena s dph od_!1 732,72 EUR
Discount20 %
origin price2 165,90 EUR
All goods are our product
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  • Turbine wheels
  • Compressors wheels
  • Repair kits
  • Bearing housings
  • Actuators
  • Nozzle rings
  • CHRA - Assembly core
  • Turbochargers
  • Tuning & Racing parts
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