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NEW Turbocharger IS38 RHF5, JHJ-06K145722H
Audi, Seat, VW 2.0TSI 195/206/213/215/221/228/kW
Code: T00116
Availability: on stock
Price without VAT:699,00 EUR
Price with VAT845,79 EUR
NEW Turbocharger IS38 stage5 BB 550HP | Basic, Full
IS38 stage5 with Ball Bearing
Code: T00128
Availability: according to variant
!_cena bez dph od_!:1 790,00 EUR
!_cena s dph od_!2 165,90 EUR
NEW Turbocharger RHF3, JHJ-03F145701F
Audi, Seat, VW, Skoda 1.2TSI 63/66/77kW
Code: T00129
Availability: on stock
Price without VAT:480,00 EUR
Price with VAT580,80 EUR
NEW Upgrade Turbocharger VF34 Ball Bearing | Stage 1.1, Stage 1.1+, Stage 1.2, Stage 1.2+, Stage 2, Stage 2+, Stage 3, Stage 3+, Stage 4, Stage 4+
Subaru WRX, STI, GT, EJ20, EJ25
Code: T00136
Availability: according to variant
!_cena bez dph od_!:850,00 EUR
!_cena s dph od_!1 028,50 EUR
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