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Bearing Housing

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Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04
Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04

Manufacturer:KKK K03/K04
Price with VAT : 39,93 EUR
Price without VAT : 33,00 EUR
VAT:21 %
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inlet M12x1.5, outlet Ф14+2-M6x1.0, water 2-M14x1.5; C-end Ф112.9mm, T-end Ф55/57/72mm; For Single oil feed


Fit Turbos

K0422-582, K0422-881 K0422-882 (K0422, Mazda)

53039700110, 53049700033, K0422-882, 53039700110, 53049700033, K0422-882,

!_potrebujete poradit ?_! Bearing Housing KKK K03/K04

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